Haiti Uncovered Book

Haiti Uncovered: A Regional Adventure into the Art of Haitian Cuisine is a culinary coffee table book that embraces the regional cuisine and cooking traditions of Haiti through the author's personal journey, insights and recipes.  Haiti Uncovered delves into the art of Haitian Cuisine and brings into focus the beauty of Haiti through its diverse culinary traditions while offering to Haitians and non-Haitians an opportunity to explore and learn about Haiti as a whole. This beautifully bound and illustrated, hard cover book, aims to present and represent the history, dishes, recipes and cooking traditions of the people of Haiti throughout the various regions.
It is a conscious and determined effort by the author to present a personal journey, yet to create something that is both accurate and lasting. This is telling Haiti's story through the way Haitians prepare and consume what they produce. This book provides a deeper understanding of the cuisine and the people of Haiti. For the general food lover, this book offers diversity and range to their cooking. For the Haitian audience, this bookoffers an opportunity to preserve the cooking traditions and culinary heritage of their home. For everyone, Haiti Uncovered provides a great read, a history lesson and a masterfully done piece of art.

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